Beastly Business PI Professor Rosaleen Duffy publishes two papers on the political ecologies of tackling illegal wildlife trade

Beastly Business Project PI Prof Rosaleen Duffy has just published two papers on the political ecologies of tackling illegal wildlife trade. The two papers develop different dimensions of understanding illegal wildlife trade as a matter of crime and security.

The first paper ‘A Political Ecology of Security’ is co-authored with Prof Dan Brockington in Journal of Political Ecology.  The paper brings together political ecology, IR theory and green criminology to build a concept of a political ecology of security; this focuses on excavating the relations between capital, nature and security, being attentive to the dynamics of race and gender, and taking an ethically engaged positionality to highlight the voices of marginalized communities. The paper is intended as a starting point for developing a much clearer and stronger conceptual basis for political ecologists to engage with questions of security.

It is fully open access and you can read it on the BIOSEC website.

Trafficked lion head. Prof. Rosaleen Duffy’s personal archive.

The second paper is by Professor Rosaleen Duffy ‘Crime, Security, and Illegal Wildlife Trade: Political Ecologies of International Conservation’ in Global Environmental Politics.  The paper builds on political ecology debates on militarization of conservation by connecting it to the dynamics of global environmental politics, specifically the discursive and material support from donors, governments and conservation NGOs.

You can read more about it here.  The paper is not open access, but please email for a copy.