Beastly Business at 2nd International Environmental Peacebuilding Conference

Between 1st and 4th February 2022, Prof Rosaleen Duffy and Dr Teresa Lappe-Osthege will be participating in the virtual 2nd International Environmental Peacebuilding Conference, organized by the Environmental Peacebuilding Association (EnPAx) and the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies in Geneva. The conference will be a fantastic opportunity to catch up with colleagues and broader networks on biodiversity conservation and environmental governance. 

Rosaleen and Teresa will be joining the panel Conservation in violent environments (organized by Dr Julia Gorricho) on 4th February at 10:00 – 11:30 (GMT) as discussant and moderator. The panel zooms in on biodiversity conservation initiatives in contexts of conflict or larger geographies of protracted violence. It asks, what are the best ways to conserve nature during, or in the aftermath of, war? Together the papers discuss the different kinds of conservation partnerships, types of practices and the range of outcomes that characterize conservation initiatives amidst violent environments and the extent these conservation initiatives contribute to peacebuilding or exacerbate violence of different types.

The discussion will focus on the following papers:

Conservation in the crossfire: strategies for effective conservation in postconflict Colombia by Dr Julia Gorricho (Project Manager South America, WWF)

Securing Conservation: Uganda Wildlife Authority and Uganda Peoples Defence Forces’ Collaboration in MFNP by Ivan Ashaba (Teaching Assistant & PhD Candidate, Institute of Development Policy, University of Antwerp)

Trans-boundary indigenous water management system mediating inter-ethnic conflict on the India-Bhutan borderlands by Dr Anwesha Dutta (Senior Researcher, Chr. Michelsen Institute, Bergen).

Please come and join us for the session by registering here.