Presenting our research at ShARC Tales symposium 12-13 May

Dr George Iordachescu and Prof Rosaleen Duffy are pleased to be presenting their work at the upcoming ShARC Tales symposium at the University of Sheffield. The event is organised by the Sheffield Animals Research Centre, and brings together scholars engaged in Animal Studies research. 

Dr George Iordachescu

George will present his current research in a paper entitled ‘All Bears Are Charismatic, but Some Bears Are More Charismatic Than Others.’

Rosaleen is co presenting an outline of a new research project on animals and nature restoration, with Dr Peter Sands.

Prof Rosaleen Duffy

Rosaleen and George will co-present ‘Beastly Business’ to introduce the project and outline on going field research.

Beastly Business Advisory Board member Professor Tanya Wyatt (University of Northumbria) is delivering a keynote address on the first day.

Full programme

You can find out more about the Sheffield Animals Research Centre here and on twitter @ShefAnimals