Prof Rosaleen Duffy to deliver a Linnean Society lecture

Rosaleen Duffy is speaking at the Linnean Society about her new book on Illegal Wildlife Trade (IWT)

Rosaleen Duffy is speaking at the Linnean Society about her new book on Illegal Wildlife Trade (IWT).

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Rosaleen Duffy

On 26 January, Professor Rosaleen Duffy delivered a lecture to the Linnean Society about her new book Security and Conservation: The Politics of Tackling the Illegal Wildlife Trade.

The lecture is free to attend and open to all; it is part of the Society’s Nature series. The event is online, and you can book a place on the Society website or on Eventbrite. The Linnean Society of London was established in 1788 and is the world’s oldest active society devoted to natural history. The Society encourages the debate and discussion of natural history including taxonomy, evolutionary biology and ecology.

Customs seizures, IWT. Image credit Meredith Gore.
Display World Parks Congress. Image credit Rosaleen Duffy,

Is Wildlife Crime a Security Threat?

In this lecture I examine why there is a global shift in policies to tackle the illegal wildlife trade, characterized by a turn towards security-oriented approaches especially since the rises in poaching from 2008. Responses to poaching and trafficking have focused on enhanced law enforcement, militarization, surveillance and intelligence gathering. There is a renewed sense of urgency to do something to save iconic species from extinction, this was magnified by COVID-19 because wildlife markets were identified as a possible source of the pandemic. As a result millions of dollars have poured in from donors, governments, philanthropists and corporations to support conservation. Several conservation NGOs are the beneficiaries of these new sources of funding, but so are a raft of new entrants in conservation: private military companies, intelligence services, risk analysts, surveillance technology developers, and drone manufacturers. This lecture will focus on understanding how conservation and security are now shaping each other in complex ways.

Readers can access a discount code for Prof Rosaleen Duffy’s book here or here.

You can watch the recording of the lecture and the Q&A here