Dr Laura Gutierrez attends Scottish Eel Conference 2022 – Forth Rivers Trust

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Dr Laura Gutierrez

Dr. Laura Gutiérrez attended the first Scottish Eel Conference, organised by the Forth Rivers Trust, in Edinburgh on the 22nd of April 2022.

The conference attracted a wide range of speakers and participants from various sectors, including academia, conservation, fisheries, technology firms, and environmental bodies and agencies. Throughout the day we discussed all things eel: migratory barriers, trade and trafficking, citizen science for conservation, the impact of Brexit, and eel monitoring technology, amongst others. The Scottish Eel Conference was an excellent opportunity to explore the potential of interdisciplinary and multi-sector collaborations in ensuring the survival of the endangered European eel. The insights gained from this event will be of great value to the Beastly Business Project, as we continue to explore the complex dynamics that have led to the dire state of the species, as well as the equally complex measures that could help the population recover. We are looking forward to other iterations of this conference in the years to come.

Scottish Eel Conference 2022