Professor Rosaleen Duffy gives talk for the UN Library on security and illegal wildlife trade

Rosaleen Duffy delivered a talk on 13th June 2023 for the United Nations Library – Vienna virtual Author Talks series. She discussed her new book, Security and Conservation: The Politics of the Illegal Wildlife Trade (Yale University Press, 2022), which draws on research she conducted during the ERC funded BIOSEC Project.

She set out how defining the Illegal Wildlife Trade (IWT) as wildlife crime can be problematic. This definition produces a response from international agencies that is anchored in law enforcement, and in some cases drives militarisation leading to violence and human rights abuses. Defining IWT as wildlife crime results in the design of policies that do not tackle the underlying drivers of poaching and trafficking. Such drivers include ongoing colonial legacies, inequalities, consumer demand and social injustices.  She used political ecology to explain why there needs to be a much more politically engaged response. Rosaleen’s talk can be accessed here.

You can order the book using the web discount flyer (below) until December 2023.